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Pershing Yacht was founded in 1981 and is one of the leading brands worldwide in the production of luxurious high performance open-coupe motor yachts in fibreglass, ranging from 50 to 115 feet (around 15 to 35 metres) in length.

Moreover, Pershing has introduced an extremely distinctive design, maintained over the years, which makes its models clearly recognisable on the international production scene.


Pershing 5X

There’s a new thrill on its way from Pershing: it’s the 5X! The X stands for extraordinary talent...

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Pershing 50.1

Contemporary reinterpretation of Pershing 50’ by yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni in collab...

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Pershing 62

The new model by Pershing is a unique, fast, and elegant yacht which perfectly...

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Pershing 64

“To surprise the future”, is the concept that has guided the creation of the shipyard’s...

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Pershing 70

From the very first glance, the Pershing 70 strikes the eye for its futuristic and imposing shapes...

More about Pershing 70
Pershing 74

The new Pershing 74’, the contemporary and modern restyling of the famous P72’...

More about Pershing 74
Pershing 82

The new Pershing project, the eagerly awaited Pershing 82’, is a contemporary reinterpretation...

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Pershing 92

Pershing 92’, created by the designer Fulvio De Simoni together with the funda...

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Pershing 108

Pershing 108’, the latest of Pershing, was created from the established collaboration of...

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Pershing 115

The shipyard’s flagship is the ultimate expression of the distinctive values of...

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Pershing 140 Project

Whoever loves Pershing—whether they have driven the boats themselves or had the opportunity to...

More about Pershing 140 Project


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