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Riva is one of the world's best-known and most exclusive producers of fibreglass luxury yachts ranging from 27 to 115 feet in length, both flybridge and open.

Riva is, more than ever, a refined, elegant and timeless beauty on water with state of the art design and performance capabilities. All of Riva's unique characteristics are due to a strong bond between design and tradition.


Riva 27 Iseo

Riva Iseo is the creation of the working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, Ferretti..

More about Riva 27 Iseo
Riva Aquariva Super

The 33' Aquariva is the boat that, may be more than any others, represents the natural..

More about Riva Aquariva Super
Riva Rivamare

Style and class, the new icon of Riva is finally here. With beautiful lines and the details you can expect from Riva..

More about Riva Rivamare
Riva Rivarama Super

The 44 foot Rivarama Super, designed by Officina Italiana Design, in cooperation with AYT...

More about Riva Rivarama Super
Riva Rivale

Rivale may turn out to be the enfant terrible of the Riva family. Its name certainly...

More about Riva Rivale
Riva 56 Sportriva

SportRiva 56’ is a yacht which integrates the flybridge concept with the sporty lines of an Open...

More about Riva 56 Sportriva
Riva 63 Vertigo

Elegance, harmony, style. These are the most suitable adjectives for describing the...

More about Riva 63 Vertigo
Riva 63 Virtus

The new Riva 63’ Virtus, flagship of Riva open line, is the product of a close working relationship...

More about Riva 63 Virtus
Riva 68 Ego Super

The harmony of shape and elegance of space on the 68’ Ego Super – highlighted by...

More about Riva 68 Ego Super
Riva 75 Venere Super

Innovative changes have been made to the spaces and furnishings of the new 75’...

More about Riva 75 Venere Super
Riva 76 Bahamas

With the 76’ Bahamas the iconic Riva brand writes another page in the story of yachting. The art of yachting is enriched by a new masterpiece...

More about Riva 76 Bahamas
Riva 76 Perseo

Riva’s new coupé has been conceived with a view to preserving the family feeling...

More about Riva 76 Perseo
Riva 88 Domino Super

The coupé evolution. It's called Super, as it's amazing, and because this suffix is...

More about Riva 88 Domino Super
Riva 88 Florida

Spiritual successor of the Riva Bahamas, 88’ Florida is a revolutionary yacht which perfectly...

More about Riva 88 Florida
Riva 92 Duchessa

Curved, racy lines harmoniously design the profile of this yacht which encloses all the...

More about Riva 92 Duchessa
Riva 100' Corsaro

The majestic spearhead Impossible to ignore; so easy to desire. The very name of the 100’ Corsaro hints at a daring...

More about Riva 100' Corsaro
Riva 122 Mythos

Riva, the iconic brand of the Ferretti Group, launches its new flagship...

More about Riva 122 Mythos


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