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Founded in 1989 in the province of Milan, SACS is a leading company at an international level in the production and marketing of rigid inflatable boats for pleasure cruising.

Sacs has gained the leadership in the maxi rib segment thank to the capacity to customize its models to match the requested and meet the taste of the most demanding customers.


Sacs Rebel 47 (Limousine)

Rebel 47, the subversive, the diehard. Rebel 47 is the one that shows himself he is resistant to constraints and external impositions. In one word, he is the revolution!


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Sacs Rebel 47 (open)

Rebel is the subversive, the diehard, is the one that shows himself resistant to constraints and...

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Sacs Strider 8

A stylish product that combines elegance, performance and flexibility of use: the distinguishing...

More about Sacs Strider 8
Sacs Strider 9

With its aggressive look and faired shapes, the Strider 9 resumes the values leading...

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Sacs Strider 10

Beyond all expectations. Aggressive in the design of its console that recalls the race cars of the seventies. Sleek and streamlined....

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Sacs Strider 11

In the wake of the success of its predecessor, with which he shares the sportive character, the Strider...

More about Sacs Strider 11
Sacs Strider 12 Esse R

From the “Proto Sacs” project, one prototype that was developed uniquely to...

More about Sacs Strider 12 Esse R
Sacs Strider 13

Irresistible, Strider 13 Open is the perfect rubber boat for a sporty couple looking for a high performance boat...

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Sacs Strider 13 Gran Coupé

It is impossible for Strider Gran Coupé to go unnoticed; it is perfection gliding on water....

More about Sacs Strider 13 Gran Coupé
Sacs Strider 15

Interprets the sporty spirit of its owner with extraordinary performance. It offers...

More about Sacs Strider 15
Sacs Strider 18

You can still call it a RIB for the presence of the tubes when in reality, is a new boating...

More about Sacs Strider 18
Sacs Strider 19

The Sacs flagship is the result of a joint collaboration between Christian Grande Design Works...

More about Sacs Strider 19
Sacs Strider 20

The new Sacs flagship luxury tender, developed to meet the ambitions of one Strider 19 owner looking for extreme performance...

More about Sacs Strider 20


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