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The Sanlorenzo shipyard has been building high-quality motor yachts since 1958. It is a boutique firm in the yachting industry, building only a limited number of made-to-measure units per year. Each yacht is designed and produced according to the specific requests, style, and desires of the individual owner.

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Sanlorenzo SL78

The entry-level model for Sanlorenzo's planning fleet. It is the only yacht in its category to be made to measure, in line with...

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Sanlorenzo SL86

Sanlorenzo has channeled its decades of experience into the SL86, combining signature styling with new innovations and...

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Sanlorenzo SL96

This timeless design is a pure product of the Sanlorenzo tradition. The SL96 harmoniously combines the elegant spaces of...

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Sanlorenzo SL106

The SL106 sports the unmistakable Sanlorenzo style, matching elegance, balancing spaces, a well-balanced ratio of empty...

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Sanlorenzo SL118

The SL118 is the purest Sanlorenzo SL line, enhanced and strengthened by cutting-edge features. The new...

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Sanlorenzo SD92

In the SD92 Line, a highly evocative layout inspired by transatlantic liners from the Thirties and the Forties meets every...

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Sanlorenzo SD112

The SD112 was built to enhance the historic Sanlorenzo semi-displacement fiberglass line (named SD). It positions itself...

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Sanlorenzo SD126

The SD126 Line allows for exclusive cruises for ten people in total freedom. The flagship of the SD line is a four-decked...

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Sanlorenzo 40ALLOY

The 40Alloy Line is a fast superyacht made of aluminum boasting a semi-planing hull. This model is in a class of...

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Sanlorenzo 460EXP

The three features that take the 460Exp beyond the usual yachting limits are onboard spaciousness, safety...

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Sanlorenzo 46STEEL

The 46Steel is a 46-metre-long superyacht with a five-deck, displacement hull, semi-wide body, high tensile steel...

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Sanlorenzo 52STEEL

Building on the experience gained with the commercially successful 46Steel, Sanlorenzo developed the...

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Sanlorenzo 58STEEL

The 58Steel’s elegant, sober lines and harmony make for a superyacht in metal with no overstatements...

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Sanlorenzo 64STEEL

The largest Sanlorenzo ever built. 64Steel perfectly matches elegant exterior lines and innovative interiors...

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Sanlorenzo SX88

SX88 is a model containing different “Firsts” by Sanlorenzo, a Copernican revolution based on some unique and distinguished keys that make the yacht original and innovative:

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Sanlorenzo SX76

The blueprint for all Sanlorenzo remains constant; characterful and exciting yachts built to the highest standards. SX76 is imbued...

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Sanlorenzo SD122

Key features:
• Huge volume including 5 cabin layout with a full beam master cabin
• Large sundeck with Jacuzzi
• Zero speed stabilizers
• Privately used

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