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Bluegame yachts’ seamlessly encompass the values and characteristics of the iconic Sanlorenzo brand, who it was acquired by in 2018. Creating powerful, sleek yachts that are expertly finished and cut an impressive figure on the open waters, is Bluegame’s speciality.

Bluegame yachts’ are sophisticated, highly innovative and yet incredibly robust – thanks to the incredible expertise of its creator, the Olympic sailing champion and naval architect, Luca Santella. The yachts’ architecture and design are also the product of a collaboration with the eminent superyacht design company Zuccon studio, led by the much-admired Italian designer, Bernardo Zuccon, who is responsible for many of Sanlorenzo’s award-winning luxury yachts.

The Bluegame GRP hulls are based on the cold-moulded fishermen boats crafted in North Carolina: crafted to endure rough sea conditions by adhering to the highest quality standards. Without a doubt, you can rest assured the yachts’ can glide across harsh seas, and you can cruise in complete comfort and style.

Its two ranges perfectly blend diverse yachting preferences and styles for bold sea lovers. The BG-line comprises two Sports Utility Yachts: the smaller model of the two, the BG42, is 12.98 meters, but concentrates all the incredible features of the range, including a spacious deck area, king-sized bed and second guest accommodation. The larger BG62 (at 18.80 meters) builds on the amazing capabilities of the first, combining generously sized living areas with the strong seaworthiness the characterises Bluegame yachts.

The BGX-range comprises of the BGX60 – a 19.02 meters powerboat that provides a profound connection with the sea, and the BGX70: winner of the Best Custom Yacht 2020, a 21,86m power boat with a revolutionary design that incorporates spacious living areas.

Every Bluegame yacht is perfectly tailored to your needs at sea: as each sports yacht is custom made to fulfil individual requirements. Indeed, the commitment to building every yacht according to the owners needs is the mission of Bluegame.

Lengers Yachts will gladly assist you with the purchasing process of your new Bluegame yacht. As winner of the ‘Best Bluegame Dealer’ award worldwide and as the Bluegame dealer for The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, and Malta, we have unrivalled luxury yacht and superyacht expertise, amassed by over 50 years at the forefront of the industry. It’s why we’ve gained the trust of premier yacht brands and clients.

Providing a personal service every time, our team will be on hand to take care of the purchase process, every step of the way.

Experience a profound closeness with the sea like never before, with your next Bluegame yacht.

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