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From Bluegame a first-ever world direct mold from 80% recycled material

Bluegame operates with the awareness of its responsibility in the global ecosystem being active in the recycling processes as well as in the protection of the marine environment in its role of Blue Marine Foundation’s member.

POSTED On 22.09.2019

Innovation and sustainability are two inseparable principles of every new project. Thanks to Sanlorenzo R&D Department’s support, Bluegame have set up a structured sustainable innovation strategy, which led to the successful completion of a recycling project that has been implemented in the construction of a yacht which has been exhibited during Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

This project has been carried out in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, GS4C operating in the study of environmentally compatible industrial systems, and Rivierasca, owner of Glebanite technology.

Resin glass recovered at the end of life mixed with glass fibers and unsaturated polyester resins has allowed the creation of milling blocks with 80% of recycled material. This material will be recycled again.

'This technology reduces the environmental impact by creating a virtuous path of Circular Economy that from waste glass fiber allows to create blocks for milling new molds', tells us Carla Demaria, CEO of Bluegame. 'Our philosophy is based on the development of environmentally friendly boats with technological contents aimed at maximum efficiency and energy saving using innovative materials and solutions. On such purpose we have created the Bluegame HTS Lab (High Technology and Sustainability Lab). '

The GLEMOULD molds can increase the production of GRP parts up to 40 compared to 6/8 possible with common milling material such as MDF or polyurethane. Bluegame will experiment this recycling technology both for larger-sized molds and for other applications such as the construction of panels for boats’ interior fitting, etc.

Research and Development, Slab production and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) were conducted by GS4C while milling activities by Modelleria De Angelis.