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BG42 #18


€765.000, - VAT not paid

Year 2019

Length 12.98 m

Beam 4.37 m

Draft 1.05 m

Cabins 1

Yacht information

Bluegame 42 for sale built in 2019, delivered July 2020, hull number 18. Interior colors: white/teak.

It is the entry gate to the Bluegame range of Sport Utility Yachts. Despite her size, in only 12.98 meters (42’5”) Bluegame 42 is able to concentrate all the features of the range. The central part of the stern platform is lowering to launch and board a 9’ tender and to create a swimming platform.

First owner, sold by Lengers Yachts

Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-4.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-5.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-6.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-7.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-8.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-12.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-11.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-10.jpg Bluegame-42-18-motor-yacht-for-sale-exterior-Lengers-Yachts-1.jpg

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