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SL120 Asymmetric


Price on request

Length 36.92 m

Beam 7.6 m

Draft 2.25 m

Yacht information

SL120Asymmetric: Greater utilization of internal spaces and improved communication with outdoor zones. 

The Asymmetry concept at its highest expression. The Asymmetry allows the expansion of the main salon, eliminating the starboard side deck and maximizing connection with the sea by creating an ample dining room on one side, with full-height glazing, and a living area on the other side that opens onto a balcony

01 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
02 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
07 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
08 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
09 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
10 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
05 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
04 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
03 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_photo Thomas Pagani
11 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_cockpit_photo Thomas Pagani
23 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Upper Deck_Flying Bridge_photo Thomas Pagani
22 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Lower Deck_Beach Area_photo Thomas Pagani
22 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Lower Deck_Beach Area_photo Thomas Pagani

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12 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Salon_photo Thomas Pagani
13 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Salon_photo Thomas Pagani
14 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Salon_photo Thomas Pagani
15 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Salon_photo Thomas Pagani
16 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Owner Cabin_photo Thomas Pagani
17 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Owner Cabin_photo Thomas Pagani
18 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Owner Cabin_photo Thomas Pagani
19 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Main Deck_Bathroom owner Cabin_photo Thomas Pagani
20 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Lower Deck_Guest Cabin_photo Thomas Pagani
21 - Sanlorenzo_SL120A_Lower Deck_Stairways_photo Thomas Pagani
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