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If you want to keep your boat in an excellent condition, we are happy to assist you. Located in Muiden, we have two large hangars where all the possible work can be done. From servicing engines to repairing damage, from polyester work to the installation of airconditioning systems. Everything is possible.



All the right actions at the right time, that is the quality Lengers Yachts stands for. The technicians working at Lengers Yachts have several decades of experience. In other words; we know what are we doing and therefore we can work efficiently and we can ensure the best results.



Wherever possible, Lengers Yachts uses original parts to ensure the best fix on your yacht. All those genuine parts are ordered at official dealerships around the world and only the best parts suited for your ship will be mounted to it.



If you would like to stall your boat during the cold and wet winter months, Lengers Yachts is the place to be. When necessary, we can do the maintenance to your ship when it's stalled in one of our two large hangars. We can assure that your ship will be ready and good as new the next spring. When the sun breaks through all you have to do is give us a call and your beautiful ship will be in the water, waiting for another season of boating-fun in no-time.



Even if you have a slight feeling that your boat should be checked in what possible way ever, we can lift it out of the water with our 40 ton crane. In this way the underwater will no longer have secrets for us and possible repairs can be done quickly and efficient. For more information contact us.

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